For principals

Step 1 - data quality & recommendations

• Data analysis

• Deduplication & enrich

• Data enhaces

• Asses & segmentation

• Dashboard and KPIS

The aim is to identify and to prioritise third parties to evaluate and validate the compliance process. 

Step 2 - Third party onboarding & due diligences

• Data cleansing 

• Data quality & enrich

• Option setup

• Users access

• Training

The aim is to get you independent in order to govern and manage the compliance of your third parties.

Step 3 - Third party continuous monitoring & off boarding

• Internal communication for your organization and in your portals

• Customization of onboarding invitation 

• Support by the support team

• Follow up

• Event & alerts

The aim is to remove all barriers for your 3rd parties during the registration process and completeness of the submitted files.