For third party

It's free

e-Attestations platform is totaly free for declarants. 

Our client is your principal who provides you a secured platform.

You will receive an invitation by mail allowing you to create your account on e-Attestations platform.

Our support team is also totally free.

Your data is secured

All informations and documents filed on e-Attestations platform are protected. 

All your informations are only shared and exchanged with your principals.

We put privacy and data protection on the forefront of our commitments.

To obtain more information, you can consult our commitments in terms of information security, service level agreement and GDPR compliance.

Your account is connected to administrations and official data and evidences providers

e-Attestations aggregates public and private data directly from trusted third-party suppliers.

You will only have to complete the information and missing evidences in your dossier.

"trusted third-party suppliers" are data producers in whom e-Attestations has placed their trust in particular because of their legitimacy or their reputation in the context of the production, aggregation of data or data producers official.

Your certificates are mutualised

Do you have more than one principal and the same document to communicate ? 

You can set up you declarant dashboard and give access to some documents to all your principals.

So by updating a certificate, you complete all the files concerned. 

You don't have to fullfill several times the same certificate

You don't have to fullfill your information inside documents or online form.

Being identified as a user will automatically complete the resqueted fields. 

You will only sign thanks to the password that will be sent to you.

You are up to date

The platform takes into account the regulatory chnages and updated the certificates. 

Simply, you have to complete the required certifications. 

In addition, and automatically, e-Attestations platform sends you alerts concerning due dates and updates concerning all your documents.