News - 15 January 2018

From start-up to scale-up: what a year for!

January is in the literal sense as figuratively time of the balance sheet for our company. When I look at what we have done, I can not help but be impressed and proud, so I wanted to share with you the events and key figures that marked this year 2017, exceptional in more ways than one.

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News - 11 January 2018

Compliance & digital transformation: what awaits orders giver in 2018

Whether it concerns compliance issues or those related to public procurement, there will be many projects for clients in 2018

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Testimony - 10 January 2018

"e-Attestations is also a digital safe for our suppliers"

Matthieu Elouard, head of public procurement Unit at the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department, shares his experience with the e-Attestations solution.

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News - 9 January 2018

The document of the month: focus on the BTP card

Set up to fight against illegal work and posting fraud, the BTP card is now mandatory for all professionals in the construction industry. Here's what you need to know about this document.

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News - 8 January 2018

The information that should not be missed in 2017

The e-Attestations teams have selected for you the information and articles that you should have read in 2017.

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News - 20 December 2017

Compliance, Obligation of vigilance, concealed work, illegal work: the e-Certificates Press Review

Find out the e-Attestations press review around the obligation of vigilance, compliance, concealed work, illegal work and detached work.

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News - 20 December 2017

Public Order: the e-Attestations press review

Find the press review of e-Attestations around public procurement

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Testimony - 14 December 2017

Real expertise serving customers and suppliers

Slavka Ditomene, Sandy Carvalho and Lourdine François telemarkerters within e-Attestations talk about their missions in the firm

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News - 30 November 2017

Work detached: do not deceive us fighting

The reform of detached work seems to be on track. But the real challenge is elsewhere, in strengthening the means to fight against posting fraud and the resulting unfair competition

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